Strength, Experience & Innovation

In Connecticut, you can be part of one of the most dynamic and globally competitive industries in the world - the insurance and financial services (IFS) sector. Capitalize on our highest per capita income, unsurpassed quality of life and highly educated workforce. Within IFS in Connecticut, your business will partner with a vibrant culture of innovation boasting world-class productivity, and most importantly, benefit from Connecticut's global recognition as an IFS center of excellence - anchored in Hartford, the nation's Insurance Capital.  

Connecticut Insurance and Financial Services (CT IFS) is the business association dedicated to the advancement of the IFS industry as a critical economic driver.  Connecticut holds top ranks for insurance employment, payroll and job creation - with an overall IFS workforce more than 109,000 Connecticut residents strong.  This uniquely talented, creative workforce is meeting today's challenges, defining tomorrow's business environment and setting the stage for the future of the industry.

CT IFS Members