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High School, Inc.

High School, Inc. is a college preparatory school for high school students, grades 9-12, who are interested in pursuing careers in the insurance and financial services industries.  The public high school is located in Hartford, the Insurance Capital, and holds the "Distinguished" accolade as given by the National Academy Foundation. 
High School, Inc.

In an effort to build the workforce of the future, High School, Inc. is supported by CT IFS and its member companies.  CT IFS co-chairs High School, Inc.'s Advisory Board.  The students are afforded an opportunity to participate in corporate field experiences, such as job shadowing and internships, as well as make a real-world connection to daily corporate life, especially as it relates to curriculum and classroom lessons.

The below photo captures a monthly executive lunch that is hosted by High School, Inc. - here at Salute Restaurant in downtown Hartford, along with board members representing CT IFS member companies.

CT IFS and High School, Inc_

CT IFS Members