Get Hired 2018

Get Hired Career Fair

Get Hired - January 4, 2018 | 3-6pm | Marriott Hartford

Get Hired is a signature CT IFS event and the largest IFS career fair for college students in Connecticut.  We've met more than 2,500 students in six years and look forward to Get Hired 2018, our 7th annual event.  If you're looking for your start, consider this your 3-hour springboard.  Don't miss it.

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Get Hired at Marriott


Check out the highlights from 2017:
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Building Your Network 

In addition to the companies seeking talent at Get Hired, HYPE - Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs will help with building your personal and professional network. HYPE's social, professional development and community involvement activities will widen your circle and strengthen your ties - whether on Day One of your new role, as you move towards that moment, or even before you graduate from college.  Learn more about HYPE and get involved!


Event Highlights
In addition to the connecting directly with company representatives, students have the option of attending a brief Q+A session with industry leaders from diverse specialties.  A dynamic conversation shares insight into how you can stand out from the crowd, transition successfully into the work world from college and continue to grow.  


The Experience
"Within a few weeks after the event, I was beginning the interview process for this amazing opportunity after getting the chance to introduce myself at the company booth." - Cameron L.

"The Get Hired event brings the real world job search right to you and can be very eye opening.  For those who always hear how competitive the job market can be but never realize the full spectrum of candidates... it begins to put things into perspective." - Henry A.

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International students - please refer to participant companies' policies if you require sponsorship to work in the United States.

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Executive Panel (2pm | optional)
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